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Low-intensity L810 Single Aviation Obstruction Light
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  • Low-intensity L810 Single Aviation Obstruction Light
  • Low-intensity L810 Single Aviation Obstruction Light
  • Low-intensity L810 Single Aviation Obstruction Light
  • Low-intensity L810 Single Aviation Obstruction Light
  • Low-intensity L810 Single Aviation Obstruction Light
Low-intensity L810 Single Aviation Obstruction Light

Name:Low-intensity L810 Single Aviation Obstruction Light


Product Introduction:

Low-intensity L810 Single Aviation Obstruction Light also be named obstacle lights, aircraft warning light, aviation warning lights. 

This Low-intensity aicraft warning light manufactured by ANNHUNG is a steady burning aviation obstruction light designed for marking top of obstacle that do not exceed 45 meters in height. AH-LI-B2 aircraft warning light could also be used with medium intensity aircraft warning light, high intenisty aircraft warning lighting for obstacle more than 45 meters.

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  •  ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1, Seventh edition, 2016, table 6.3 Low Intensity Type A / B / E Aircraft Warning Light  

  •  FAA L-810 obstruction light




  • 3 high power CREE LED, make sure LED keep bright while use

  • Power supply in DC(48V)& AC(110-240VAC), the light could work
    normally when input 48VDC/110VAC/240VAC 

  • LED power supply board includes short circuit and open circuit protection, Line surge protection by metal oxide varistor


  •  Bird deterrent spike on top

  •  Unique designed PMMA lens for converging light and good transparency

  •  High translucency and anti-UV polycarbonate cover could use 3-5years without yellowing

  • UV protection Powder coated bright yellow color base make better visibility and also long life in harsh environments

  • Base material is die casting aluminum which has strong corrosion resistance, Shock and Vibrations protection

  • 3/4inch thread hole make pole installation easy

  •  No screw fix type - just twist, the cover will be fixed tightly

System design

  •  Built-in photocell for day/night operation(dusk to dawn operation, automatically turn on when background luminance is below 50cd/m2

  •  Steady(factory setting)/20FPM/30FPM/60FPM DIP switches on PCB

  •  Surge and lightning protection


  •  Alarm contact(NO COM NC)for remote monitoring

  •  Infrared LED for pilot using NVG

  •  GSM cellphone monitoring



  •  AH-LI-B2 low-intensity aircraft warning light could be used alone on the top of the High-rise Building, High Chimney, marking towers (Telecom, GSM, Microwave & TV), High Pole, Tower Crane, Wind Turbine, etc when the height is lower than 45m. 

  •  When obstacle object is higher than 45m, AH-LI-B2 low-intensity aircraft warning light can be used with Medium-intensity aircraft warning light or high-intensity aviation obstruction light to indicate hazardous obstructions with a steady red safety light.

SPECIFICATIONSAH-LI-B2 Low-intensity Single
 Aircraft Warning Light
Light Characteristics
Light SourceLED
Available ColorsRed(Other color is optional)
Intensity(cd)32.5cd(type B),others optional(10cd, 100cd,etc)
Horizontal Output(degrees)360
Vertical Divergence(degrees)≥10
Flash CharacteristicsSteady-burning/20/30/60 adjustable
Operation ModeDusk-to-dawn 
Automatically as standard. 
24hours operation as option
LED Life Experience(hours)>100,000
Electrical Characteristics
Operating VoltageDC(12V, 48VDC) or AC(110-240VAC) or others

Lightning surge

IEC61000-4-5 L- N ± 3kV
IEC61000-4-5 L- PE ± 6kV
IEC61000-4-5 N- PE ± 6kV

IEC61000-4-2 Contact discharge 8kV
Circuit ProtectionIntegrated
Physical Characteristics
Body MaterialPolycarbonate
Base MaterialDie-casting aluminum
SPECIFICATIONSAH-LI-B2 Low-intensity Single
 Aviation Obstruction Light
Mounting 3/4 inch pipe thread as
 standard. 1inch as option
Product Life Expectancy5 years Plus
Environmental Factors
Ambient Temperature(℃)-40~55
Storage temperature(℃ )
Humidity10%-95%RH(No condensation)
Wind Speed240Km/h
ICAOAnnex 14 Volume 1,'Aerodrome Design and
Operations’ Seventh edition July 2016, table 6.3
Low-intensity Type A/B/E aircraft warning Light

Options Available
NVG(Night Vision Goggles)
 compatible LED
Flashing rate
GSM MonitoringPowder-coated color
Dry contact alarm
GPS sync flashing

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