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What is the safety of using navigation marine lights ?

Date:8/11/2021 1:37:32 AM

LED Solar Powered Marine Lanterns

Light Source: LED, 

Visible Range(NM):3-7m (AT@0.74),

Flash Characteristics: Adjustable 366 IALA light characteristics


Navigation marine lights can improve the safety of ship navigation and reduce the probability of accidents. The Changjiang River waterway is narrow, winding, with many shoals, as well as barriers such as reefs, sunken ships and fishing nets, with dense vessels. 

Because the solar integrated beacon lamp uses a high light efficiency and low energy consumption lamp, which has the characteristics of bright light, normal lamp quality, long service life, low energy consumption, no color change in life, small starting current and stable performance. Compared with filament lamp, it has good shock and vibration resistance. 

It uses beacon lamp.It improves the visibility of the watchers of navigating ships under adverse and complex conditions, enables the watchers to discover incoming ships in time, correctly judge the collision danger, take correct measures to avoid collision accidents in time, so as to improve the safety of navigation and reduce the economic losses caused by marine accidents. 

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