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At the end of 2009,Anhang has got one good market in South America.Our company got successful tender for Low-intensity Single and Double Aviation Obstruction Light with solar powered and non-solar powered in Telecom Tower in South America.By good cooperation with telecom operator,we not only get good market share, but also have got much experience in solve method in Telecom field.

新白广XBZH-1标110kV及以上输电线路迁改工程 2019.jpg

Xinbaiguang XBZH-1 standard 110kV and above transmission line relocation project

越南电力铁塔障碍灯和警示球项目 Vietnam Power Obstruction light & Warning Sphere (10).jpg

500kV Chon Thanh substation and connection

500kV兴福~永源送电线新建工程案例 2020.png

500KV Xingfu-Yongyuan Transmission Line New Construction Project

台湾风力发电机 航空障碍灯项目 2017.png

Wind turbine, Taiwan

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