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What are the Advantages of Inset Helipad Lights

Date:9/4/2020 6:05:19 PM

What are the Advantages of Inset Helipad Lights?

1. Space Suitability:

Traditional vertical navigation lights have relatively large requirements for the size of the venue, and are more suitable for general-purpose airports with a large space range. Small areas such as helipads are not suitable. The inset helipad lights can effectively solve the space problem because they do not occupy ground space. Even the aprons, platforms, decks and other venues with relatively small space sizes can be used effectively and have better space applicability!

2. Take-off and Landing Safety:

Inset helipad lights can greatly improve the safety of aircraft taking off and landing, and greatly expand the application space of general aircraft, especially helicopters. The use of inset navigation lights is equivalent to extending the runway by 300 meters. It greatly improves the safety of aircraft taking off and landing, theoretically speaking, the safety of aircraft taking off and landing has increased by 15%.

3. Better Practical Performance:

Anhang Technology's inset helipad lights are made of aluminum alloy gravity casting, which structurally solves the problems of efficient heat conduction and heat dissipation technology of the equipment, and provides an excellent heat dissipation environment for the LED light source. Moreover, the use of a sealed structure and a shielded sealed power supply makes the lamp have excellent water resistance and anti-interference. At the same time, the internal LED light source combined with the advanced optical lens design solves the directional optical technology under a variety of angles, and the brightness and luminous angle are all in line with FAA standards.


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