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The Deep Meaning of the Apron Letter H

Date:8/6/2020 2:23:34 PM

The Deep Meaning of the Apron Letter "H"

On the tops of tall buildings, private mansions, and ships on the sea, the "H" figure often appears. Simply put, this is an apron sign. H is the first letter of Helicopter (helicopter), which means that this is a helipad. Compared with ordinary fixed-wing aircraft, the apron is a rectangular area. The mark with H can be very clear and easy to identify. Another point is, if you try to see if the bottom of the helicopter looks like a "H", it can just drop straight up, and conform to the bottom shape, so that the approach and landing direction can be consistent with the opening direction of the H letter, which is convenient. The pilot can better observe the helicopter in the air to correct the landing point when landing.

The geometric forms of the helipad can be divided into round, square and rectangular. H, as a customary sign, is used to mark the helipad on ships and high-rise buildings. In order to be able to see from a distance, it is generally marked in white for better observation by pilots in the air. The outer circle of the H logo is also very particular. The circle is a universal logo and the triangle is used for emergency use. On the medical rescue apron, a white cross logo will be embedded in the center of the green floor with a red capital in the middle. "H" is like a bullseye. The green circle represents life and hope, while the red represents emergency rescue by helicopter.


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