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Shenzhen will Build a Pilot Area for China's General Aviation Pilot to Encourage Low-altitude Tourism and Commercial Flights

Date:7/2/2020 11:02:40 PM

Shenzhen will Build a Pilot Area for China's General Aviation Pilot to Encourage Low-altitude Tourism and Commercial Flights.

On May 8, the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government and the Civil Aviation Administration of Central and South China signed the "Memorandum on Establishing a Coordinated Working Mechanism for the Development of Shenzhen General Aviation". The two parties will jointly promote the development of Shenzhen General Aviation and create a pilot area for general aviation in China. The local government and civil aviation department have established a navigation coordination mechanism, which is the first case in China.

General aviation refers to the use of civil aircraft for civil aviation activities other than public air transportation, including operations in industry, agriculture, forestry, fisheries and construction, as well as medical and health care, disaster relief, meteorological detection, marine monitoring, scientific testing, and education Flight activities in training, culture and sports.


The general aviation industry is a national strategic emerging industry. Shenzhen has undertaken a number of national pilot reform tasks in general aviation reform. It has promoted the development of helicopter cross-border flights, the layout of city take-off and landing points, the establishment of an air 120 rescue system, and the exploration of urban aerial business." "Fly" mode and other work. At present, in addition to the traditional offshore oil services (accounting for 80% of flight hours), the city's general aviation flight service types have also gradually developed short-distance transportation, low-altitude tours, medical ambulances, and city inspections. Urban public services and market consumption Mutually promoted navigation applications have gradually taken shape.

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