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New Arrival VHF Heliport Light Radio Controller

Date:8/23/2018 11:51:59 PM

AH-HP/G-VHF Heliport Light Radio Controller permits pilots to turn on airfield lights utilizing their existing the aircraft VHF 118-137 MHZ band radio when flying to an airport or heliport.



l ICAO and FAA regulations and CAP437 (offshore helipads)



l Low maintenance costs

l Protected from input transients, output overload, over-voltage, and over temperature conditions.

l System may be set to respond to 3, 5 or 7 clicks (default setting: 5 clicks) to set the light intensity of the dimming light(3 click-25%, 5 click-50%, 7click-100%), it will control ANNHUNG dimming heliport lighting only.

l Adjustable activation duration (user programmable 1, 5, 15,
30, 45 and 60 minutes)(default setting: 15 minutes).

l Frequency of signal transmission: 137-174/400-470MHZ Frequency of signal reception: 118-136MHZ

l Solar system(solar panel, battery) is optional for AH-HP/G-VHF

Photocell control is optional


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