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Aviation Obstruction Light on Wind Turbines

Date:1/9/2019 10:58:21 PM

A single wind turbine or wind turbine farms, which has the potential to endanger aviation in navigable airspace or has the potential to interfere with the operation of navigation, should be lighted.


  • The number of light levels recommended depends on the height of the structure;

  • The obstacle lights should be installed on the  nacelle to provide an unobstructed view for aircraft approaching from any direction;

  • Obstruction lights are applied to identify the perimeter of the wind farm;

  • The diameter of the structure determine the number of lights installed at the top and at each obstruction light level.


When lighting is deemed necessary, medium-intensity obstacle lights should be used.

In the case of a wind farm, i.e. a group of two or more wind turbines, it should be regarded as an extensive object and the lights should be installed:

  • to identify the perimeter of the wind farm;

  • respecting the maximum spacing of 900 m, between the lights along the perimeter, unless a dedicated assessment shows that a greater spacing can be used;

  • so that, where flashing lights are used, they flash simultaneously; and

  • so that, within a wind farm, any wind turbines of significantly higher elevation are also identified wherever they are located.


There is 3 option for lighting a wind turbine with aviation obstruction light systems.

  1. If the wind turbine is to be lighted only at night with red light

    • If the authorities state that there is no need to light the day

    • If the wind turbine marked with paint (white-red strip)

  2. If the wind turbine is to be lighted day and night with white light

  3. If the wind turbine is to be lighted with white light at daytime and with red light at night time

    • If the authorities state that white light is too much discomfortable at night


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